Hi Thibaut, can you tell us more about yourself? Tell us about your photographic world?

Can you tell us where your passion for photography comes from? What made you decide to go deeper into the practice of photography and what drives you to continue?

Le Bousquet Niveau 7b

Why did you decide to take up landscape and climbing photography?

Le Lot Niveau 7C
Montgrony Niveau 8a

Where do you find your inspiration? Sport seems to play a central role in your production…

L’Alzine Niveau 7c

Have subjects related to ecology and sustainable development been driving or inspiring subjects in your photographic production?

Nicolas Rousse

Who are your reference photographers?

What do you want to convey through the photos you share?

Katherine Choong

In your life as a photographer, do you have a story to tell or an anecdote you would like to share with us?

Grotte du Blavet

If you had to choose your most significant captured instant, which one would it be and why?

Katherine Choong

You have been the photographer for several famous climbers (Seb Bouin, Katherine Choong…). Can you tell us more about your specific role as a photographer in these climbing adventures? Does the camera bring a particular pressure? How do you anticipate the shots and the framing?

Seb Bouin

What advice would you give to a young photographer?

Man climbing
L’Alzine Niveau 7c
Le Blavet Niveau 8a

Finally, what are your future projects or goals?



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